Forty Plus Boudoir Photography

It is a myth to think glam­our pho­tog­ra­phy is solely for those 20-something females.  Glam­our pho­tog­ra­phy is becom­ing a rite of pas­sage, cel­e­brat­ing women’s mile­stones.  In these cases, a boudoir pho­to­graph is not just another pretty pic­ture.  It becomes a com­mem­o­ra­tive, tan­gi­ble memento remind­ing women of what they have gone through, over­come and achieved in life.  It brings forth a sense of empow­er­ment, hon­or­ing these moments.  It cap­tures the period in an image, mak­ing the pic­ture worth more than a 1000 words.

At 40–50 years old, a woman is deal­ing with run­ning a house­hold, man­ag­ing work, rais­ing kids, car­ing for an aging par­ent and becom­ing com­fort­able in her own skin.  It is a time to exude self-confidence, and it is a won­der­ful idea to cap­ture the moment on film. How­ever, when in the world is a pro­duc­tive woman with mount­ing respon­si­bil­i­ties going to find time to indulge in such a lux­ury?  It is tough.  But you need to take a day out for your­self.  Find a way to take time off.  A boudoir pho­tog­ra­phy ses­sion is one day out of your life result­ing in a gor­geous, stun­ning, sen­sual, trea­sured pho­to­graph and expe­ri­ence avail­able for you to cher­ish over a lifetime.

Why Boudoir Pho­tog­ra­phy at 40+?

Some women turn to glam­our pho­tog­ra­phy as a means to launch their new out­look on life.  For instance, if you lose weight, then why not show off your new curves in a pic­ture.  Be proud of your accom­plish­ment.  Announce to the world what you have achieved and let the pho­to­graph por­tray it.  You are able to receive a day pam­pered with a wardrobe con­sul­tant, pro­fes­sional make-up artist, pro­fes­sional boudoir pho­tog­ra­phers and light­ing.  Enjoy it!  You worked extremely hard to get to this point, rel­ish the expe­ri­ence.  Soak it up for all its worth.  Allow oth­ers to pay atten­tion, take note of what you achieved in life, and acknowl­edge the sac­ri­fice it took to lose the weight.  It is not easy to lose weight, so when you do attain your goal do some­thing spe­cial, like tak­ing a boudoir photograph.

Some women have a neg­a­tive per­cep­tion regard­ing birth­days.  How­ever, it does not have to be that way.  You still turn heads, so why not par­take in a boudoir photo shoot?  It is an oppor­tu­nity to see your­self as oth­ers see you.  Do peo­ple tell you how fab­u­lous, young, and sexy you are, but you feel your numer­i­cal age?  Change your per­cep­tion through a glam­our shot.   A glam­our shot gives you the chance to take note of what oth­ers see when look­ing at you.  An expe­ri­enced, pro­fes­sional pho­tog­ra­pher will be able to show a fun, sexy side of you that oth­ers notice.  It is impos­si­ble to ignore your own sexy attrib­utes when an image high­lights these features!

Fur­ther­more, how many times do you get to close the out­side world off and spend an entire day focus­ing on You?  It is your birth­day and it is the per­fect way to ini­ti­ate the party, and it will per­ma­nently delete any neg­a­tive thoughts about turn­ing a year older!

What if your child is grad­u­at­ing from high school, and you are a bun­dle of mixed emo­tions?  Do not push those feel­ings aside.  Embrace it.  You are no longer forced to feel con­stant exhaus­tion caused from tak­ing care of some­one in the house full-time.  Take own­er­ship of this new free­dom, and explore the oppor­tu­ni­ties avail­able.  Focus on your own hob­bies, inter­ests and pur­suits.  Cel­e­brate the kid(s) leav­ing the nest with a boudoir pho­to­graph.  It is essen­tial to cap­ture the emo­tions, moment, and changes in your life in a lav­ish man­ner, and boudoir pho­tog­ra­phy is the per­fect way to do it.

Alter­na­tively, start­ing your life over with a new career or job pro­mo­tion are occa­sions to absorb and freeze in his­tory via a boudoir pho­to­graph.  You are in a stage where you are able to redis­cover your­self and a boudoir pho­to­graph is a great way to ini­ti­ate this new phase in your life.

Other mile­stones may include the end of an extremely tax­ing, on-going divorce pro­ceed­ing.  Alter­na­tively, a spe­cial anniver­sary may be right around the cor­ner, and present a gift exem­pli­fy­ing the strong attrac­tion felt between you and your lover.   These are times when the mun­dane will not be accept­able.  Boudoir pho­tog­ra­phy is the per­fect gift meet­ing all these needs!

There are many rea­sons to cel­e­brate life’s unex­pected and expected moments.  Women in their early 20s have not reached these points in their lives yet. They do not know what it is like to com­mem­o­rate such moments.  There­fore, a means to ensure you recall the moment for the rest of your life is to expe­ri­ence a boudoir pho­tog­ra­phy shoot , fea­tur­ing you as the star of the session.

How to Choose a Boudoir Photographer

Choos­ing a boudoir pho­tog­ra­pher is essen­tial to cre­at­ing a suc­cess­ful boudoir pho­to­graph.  You need to find out how much the ses­sion costs.  How long does it last?  How many pho­tographs are taken dur­ing the assigned time­frame?  What do you need to bring with you to the shoot?  Is the hired boudoir pho­tog­ra­pher going to reserve a pro­fes­sional wardrobe con­sul­tant, hair­styl­ist and makeup artist?  What is the loca­tion of the shoot?  All of these ques­tions are vital to your over­all results.

Fur­ther­more, ask what the price includes.  Do you receive the photo neg­a­tives?  Are prints an extra cost?  Is there a deposit to pay?  Are there any addi­tional post-production costs?  How skilled is the pho­tog­ra­pher in Pho­to­shop?  Pho­to­shop is impor­tant, for it is a pro­gram enabling the pho­tog­ra­pher to dig­i­tally enhance cer­tain aspects of your fea­tures.  This is vital to the over­all look of your pho­to­graph.  If you are going for a sub­tle, soft sexy look, then it may be achieved via the light­ing effects added to the pho­to­graph dur­ing post-production.  Addi­tion­ally, if you wish to por­tray more defined cheek­bones or neck, then a pro­fes­sional pho­tog­ra­pher would be able to achieve this goal through Photoshop.

Ask your boudoir pho­tog­ra­pher to see before and after shots.  Review his/her work.  Choose an expe­ri­enced pho­tog­ra­pher who is able to com­mu­ni­cate effec­tively.  Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is a sig­nif­i­cant fac­tor for you need to be cer­tain the pho­tog­ra­pher of your choice is accor­dant with your vision and able to deliver.